Trending at TwoSix: Videos on Facebook

Does this sound familiar? Your DMO has put together a great video campaign. Your video contractor grabbed amazing footage, and edited them into 30 second masterpieces. You cannot wait to share these videos, and upload them to YouTube…Now what? If you have all the content at your fingertips, but no idea how to boost views without a huge budget, consider uploading your videos directly to Facebook. Why? Well, that’s what this blog is all about. Let’s get started.

Tip of the Week: Upload Your Videos Directly to Facebook

Are you underwhelmed by your video views on YouTube? Although we recommend maintaining your presence on YouTube, make sure you are also uploading videos directly to Facebook. This will allow your videos to autoplay in your followers’ News Feeds, boosting your views, and making your look like a content marketing rock star!

Not sure how to upload a video to Facebook? Take a look at this great resource on Facebook videos.

Fact of the Week: Facebook videos increased 360% across News Feeds.

We have all noticed more videos in our feeds, however a 360% increase is mind-blowing! Sharing videos on social media is far beyond a “rising trend”. Video content should be top of mind for all marketers. Let’s be clear, though. We’re not implying that every DMO should invest thousands of dollars on a robust video campaign.

It’s probably safe to assume that a very powerful video tool is within your reach as you are reading this blog. Your smartphone has the ability to capture amazing video footage that is inspiring, and exciting to potential visitors! We covered this topic in one of TwoSix Tips a few months back. Click here to see examples of awesome less-than-15-second videos.

Noteworthy Article: 15 Social Video Metrics that Really Matter

Tracking video views is a great first step to measuring your video performance. However, social media sites offer tons of other insights that can teach you so much about your audience. Check out this article to see why you should be measuring:

  1. View count
  2. 10-second views
  3. Watch time
  4. Average view duration
  5. Average percent completion
  6. Audience retention
  7. Sound on vs. sound off
  8. Engagement
  9. Impressions and reach
  10. Social sharing
  11. Click-through rate and conversions
  12. Feedback
  13. Interaction rate
  14. Live viewers
  15. Peak concurrent viewers

TwoSix Digital Pic of the Week: Visit Stockton

Even for non-asparagus-eaters, this photo makes you want to book a flight to Stockton, California right now! This tasty looking photo was taken to promote the Asparagus Festival in Stockton, and proves that everything is better deep fried ?

In conclusion, you can do some damage with videos on Facebook whether you have an abundance of under-leveraged YouTube videos, or no videos at all. If you still feel completely overwhelmed by the idea of a video strategy, consider signing up for TwoSix Digital’s Tactical Content Planning Program. With this plan, we can help generate tons of thoughtful video topics, and ways to create them without using up all of your precious time! In the meantime, reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter to bounce ideas off our team.