5 Big Email Marketing Challenges, Solved

Email marketing can be a tricky thing to master, especially in a world that seems to be dominated by social media. However, this definitely doesn’t mean you should give up on your email marketing strategy! Your email marketing program is an integral way to give visitors the necessary information they need before visiting your destination. It’s also a great way to encourage past visitors to come back.

There are a few challenges that arise within an organizations’ email marketing program. Read along to learn what causes them and how you can fix them!

One of the biggest challenges for organizations’ email marketing program is having a low open rate. Often times, it’s caused by the following:

  • Uninteresting/irrelevant content.
  • The subject line and preview text are uninteresting.
  • Sender name is unrelated/dull.
  • Previous emails either had: too much text and no images or the information was irrelevant.

When it comes down to it, what you’re sending out should be relevant to what your audience wants and/or needs. Solutions to increase open rates include:

  • Edit your subject line and preview text to draw in visitors and give them a reason to open. (+emojis in your subject line!)

  • Making sure that you’re including the latest deals, discounts and upcoming event info in your emails! (This is SO important.)
  • Include seasonal and relevant information for visitors coming to your destination during a particular time of year. If they’re coming in the fall—what major fall events and promotions do you have coming up?
  • Make sure that your email includes images, if it doesn’t, add them ASAP.
  • Segment your newsletter. For help on this, check out this article from Quick Sprout.
  • Survey your audience to see what they’re actually interested in. (Don’t make assumptions!)
  • Make sure you’re measuring your results so you can see how it changes from month to month. Check out these email marketing benchmarks from Mailchimp.

Another problem that arises in organizations’ email marketing strategy is a high unsubscribe rate. Similar to the reasons behind having a low open rate, having a high unsubscribe rate can be caused by the following:

  • Uninteresting Content.
  • Too much text and no images.
  • Frequency: too many or too little emails.
  • Information is irrelevant to the subscriber.


Combat these high unsubscribe rates with the following strategies:

  • Include new deals, discounts, and upcoming BIG events This way, they will know that your e-newsletter will always provide the best and newest information about what’s coming up.
  • Create a schedule to establish regular frequency. Typically, a monthly cycle is great for destination marketing organizations.
  • Use a personalization feature that many email marketing platforms offer to make your message really hit their mark.

  • Update your template to be more appealing and accessible to your readers. Most importantly, make sure it’s mobile-friendly!

Are you having trouble getting visitors to act after you send out your e-newsletter? Here are some of the reasons this might be happening:

  • There are no links to important blogs, deals, or discounts in your email.
  • Campaign URLs are not being utilized – not sure what this is? Click here for a quick guide to Campaign URLs.
  • You aren’t linking things back to YOUR website.
  • No links to social media channels or content are included.


If you aren’t including these things, it’s likely that you won’t get many – if any – conversions. Luckily, there are some quick and easy solutions to change this:

  • Create a Campaign URL for all relevant links from your website.
  • Make sure that social icons are at the top AND bottom of your newsletter

  • Include links anywhere possible – images, text, buttons, headers and footers etc. This way, users don’t get lost looking for them.
  • Use buttons with Call to Actions such as: “learn more!” or “Book Now!”

  • Make sure that all of your links (and landing pages) are up-to-date AND use a call to action.
  • Make sure that you are including all important/necessary blogs for you potential visitors!
  • Check out this guide for 7 steps to create high converting email marketing content.

Whether you’re just starting out as a destination marketing organization, or you’re just starting to utilize email marketing, a low number of subscribers is a problem that arises quite frequently. Here are some causes of having a low subscriber list:


  • Your sign-up form is not included anywhere or prominently on your website.
  • You’re not integrating a “subscribe to our e-newsletter” CTA in your social media content calendar.
  • You aren’t using a USP (unique sales proposal) – “Learn more about great golf getaways and special packages when you subscribe to our e-newsletter”
  • You aren’t including the “share” option on your current emails.
  • You aren’t utilizing a landing mat on your website.


All of these things can easily by fixed by the following solutions:

  • Build your list! Check out this list from HubSpot on 29 strategies to build your email list. One of the ideas: creating a free opt-in offer.
  • Generate general awareness of your email marketing via social media channels through CTAs.

  • Make sure your website has a well-defined place to subscribe!
  • Add share tools to the bottom of your current template.

For more help, check out this how-to from Mailchimp to help build your list!

Ending up in a reader’s spam folder can be incredibly discouraging, especially after you’ve done all the work to put your newsletter together. Here are a couple of reasons that this may happen to your e-newsletter:

  • Having a “spammy” subject line.
  • Your email marketing platform’s specific rules on spam filtering.
  • Buying your email lists and not starting from scratch.


Unfortunately, your e-newsletter is essentially useless if it keeps ending up in your subscribers’ spam folders. Here are a few ways to fix this problem:

  • Make sure you research your particular email marketing platform’s spam regulations.
  • Make sure you have an unsubscribe option and necessary contact info in the footer of your email.
  • Learn about what makes a “spammy” subject line.
  • Use a double-opt-in offer to make sure your subscribers are extra interested in your content.
  • Be CAN-SPAM compliant– please do this if you aren’t!

It can be tricky to develop the perfect email marketing program, but it’s important that you take time to do so. Similar to social media marketing, email marketing is constantly changing. If something about your strategy just “isn’t working”, do something about it! Try a new platform, a new schedule, updating your template or even a whole new strategy. Don’t be afraid to try to find new ways to grab your audiences’ attention.

When in doubt, let us know and we can help guide you through your email marketing process or stay updated on the latest digital trends by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, subscribing to our newsletter or just hit us up with a question or two at info@twosixdigital.com.