Trending at TwoSix: Instagram Stories

Last week, Mark Zuckerberg shared a Facebook update that Instagram Stories is now reaching 200 million daily users! With this many eyes on stories, we hope the travel and tourism industry is coming up with ways to use this tool. Hopefully you will gather some ideas from this blog! Let’s get started.

Tip of the Week: Use the Pixelgarde app to post older content on Instagram Stories

Have you noticed photos and videos from your camera roll can be used for Instagram Stories? Notice the tiny up-arrow beneath the “Normal” option when creating a new story. When selected, this will pull up photos and videos made within the past 24 hours. Click to see an image for clarity!

But what happens if you have content to share that is more than 24 hours old? Download the Pixelgarde app to edit the time and date of your photo. This will allow you to thoughtfully curate Instagram Stories overtime!

Fact of the Week: 200 million use Instagram Stories daily

This milestone was announced last week, and it’s pretty hard to believe. To put this into context, there are 200 million people registered to vote in the United States!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s make some Instagram Stories!

Noteworthy Article: Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Stories

This blog by Buffer was made a few months ago, but is still an amazing resource. Telling you everything you need to know, this blog also gives you a couple ideas for what to post on your Instagram Stories.

TwoSix Digital Pic of the Week: Chicago’s North Shore

Take a moment to relax and stare into this beautiful photo by Chicago’s North Shore Convention & Visitors Bureau. This post is a great example of the usage of vanishing points and reflective water!

Thanks for reading! Have you tried Instagram Stories? What type of response are you getting from your audience? Let us know by chatting with us on Facebook or Twitter.