Trending at TwoSix: YouTube Tips and Tricks

In anticipation for our upcoming e-newsletter on video strategy, we wanted to send a couple YouTube tips and tricks your way. Let’s get started.

Tip of the Week: Place the call to action at the beginning of your video.

Placing a call to action is a common video best practice. Taking the time to tell your viewers to visit your website, or use your hashtag increases the impact a video can make.

Let’s be honest. Video completion rates are rarely 100%. So why wait until the last few seconds to send the most important part of your message?

Consider placing your logo and call to action at the beginning of your video to move potential visitors down the pipeline!

Fact of the Week: YouTube reaches more 18 – 49 year olds than any cable network.

In case you ever questioned the power of the second largest search engine in the world, take this factoid into consideration.

With such high rates for television ads, invest in a YouTube presence first.

Television ads still have their place, if you have the budget! However, we acquire very little data on viewers of TV ads, unlike YouTube.

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Noteworthy Article: 5 YouTube hacks to maximize your video marketing efforts.

Read the article above to get more information on the following hacks:

  1. Create links that lets viewers start a video at a certain time
  2. Upload transcripts to enhance your chances to show up in search
  3. Custom URLs
  4. Add clickable links to videos
  5. Find audio for your content – on YouTube

TwoSix Pic of the Week: Visit Buffalo Niagara

Check out this beautiful photo by Buffalo Niagara! This showcases their brand new bike path which provides gorgeous views of the Niagara River, and the Peace Bridge.

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