One of my favorite times of year is the release of Pinterest Predicts – the social media network’s annual trend forecasting report for fashion, beauty, travel, interior design, and more. It’s a fun way for marketers to get inspired and start thinking about new ideas for the upcoming year, and this year’s travel prediction did not disappoint. 

Is your destination reachable by train? That may be something worth highlighting more than ever before in the upcoming year. Pinterest saw between 100-285% increases in keywords and phrases related to trains, such as “train travel aesthetic” and “train travel quote”. Most of this growth comes from Gen Z and Millennial users, who are looking for more affordable, comfortable, scenic, and environmentally friendly ways to travel. With the current economic outlook, the multi-generation interest is not something to take lightly. Train travel, while more time-consuming, can be a more affordable alternative to flying – especially for groups. Young people who are building familiarity with destinations and travel generally, and older millennials families are both important demographics for travel destinations to reach and connect with in meaningful ways.