Post Frequency, a Facebook/IBM Partnership and Mobile Relevance

Facebook Post FrequencyHow Many Facebook Posts Per Week?

The question constantly being asked: how often should we post on our Facebook page? There is no right answer, nor a silver bullet to magically reach every one of your page fans. However, Locowise did some digging and came across some interesting data after looking at more than 600 Facebook pages.

The full Locowise article may be read here but, suffice it to say, less may be more on Facebook:

  • Pages that posted once per week or less frequently reached an average of 15 percent of users who liked their pages with each post.
  • Pages that posted one to four times per week saw engagement from 12 percent of users that they reached.
  • Those that posted once daily reached 8.42 percent of their audience.
  • Those that posted once per day registered 10.84 percent engagement.

Big Blue and Facebook Team Up for Targeting

A new partnership between Facebook and IBM wants to make it easier for big brands to target their desired audience with ads. The deal would work by IBM allowing Facebook to target more Fortune 500 companies with ads while selling IBM’s marketing cloud services.

The companies note that marketers, particularly retailers, may benefit the most from the partnership, but the ability to more effectively target ads is beneficial to anyone creating and managing an ad campaign.

Mobile Gains on Desktop

It’s certainly one of those things we’ve heard for a long time: mobile will one day surpass desktop in searches. While that may not universally be the case (yet), a recent Google AdWords blog indicates that’s the case in at least 10 countries – including the U.S. and Japan. This coincides with some recent reports on the importance of mobile, including one from eMarketer indicating more ad dollars will be spent on mobile than desktop in 2015.