Facebook Secret Conversations, Marketplace

Secret Conversations quietly rolls out

Secret ConversationsBack in July, Facebook mentioned it was testing out end-to-end encryption for its Messenger app. This would allow users to select the option for  “Secret Conversations” and also give users the ability to select an expiration for the messages – similar to Snapchat. Facebook now appears to have rolled out that ability for all users over the past few weeks – but has been very quiet about not publicizing the move.

Right now, the option to add Secret Conversations should be appearing in the upper right of the app for users and must be selected, or opted-in, for every conversation. Back in July Facebook stressed that Messenger conversations were already secure – but many Messenger services don’t work with end-to-end encrption. The addition of Secret Conversations appears to fulfill two separate goals: chipping away at Snapchat’s user base while also providing more security to users looking to maintain more privacy.

Facebook Marketplace now open

marketplaceAnother new addition this week is the new Marketplace feature from Facebook. This new Craigslist-like feature allows you to look for people to sell goods to or find people selling items of interests in your area. The big difference between Marketplace and sites like Etsy or eBay is that no money is exchanged on Facebook.

Marketplace works by clicking on a tab at the bottom of your Newsfeed and view the listings in your area. From here, you’ll be able to filter and search by category, keyword and distance. Once you find something you’re interested in you can tap on the seller’s profile – which is their public Facebook profile – to check them out and make sure everything is legit. From here, you and the seller (or buyer) just need to come to an agreement on the transaction.

Facebook’s says its goal with Marketplace was to make the process as simple as possible while providing people with the information they need to feel secure about buying and selling online.