YouTube Livestreaming App & New Facebook Tools

YouTube competing in the livestreaming market

There could soon be a new kid (app) on the block for livestreaming. YouTube is reportedly building an app it calls YouTube Connect to allow users to stream live video from their devices. This would put the app in direct competition with Twitter’s Periscope and Facebook Live. Livestreaming reportedly coming from YouTube Connect

VentureBeat reports Connect will allow users to log in from Google or YouTube to begin livestreaming and come with chat, tagging and newsfeed functionality. Naturally, videos will be viewable on YouTube as well as through the app. While this sounds intriguing there is one point that is sorely lacking from Connect: a lack of integration with Facebook and Twitter making it easy to share live streams on social networks. Lacking this feature could spell trouble for YouTube unless something can be done to allow access.

Joining the livestreaming race seems a natural choice for YouTube, as services like Facebook and Snapchat continue to obtain more and more video views and grow in popularity. There’s no word at this time on a possible release date for YouTube Connect.

Facebook to release new tool for marketers

Facebook advertisers will soon have a new tool for the toolbox in the form of a new function called “Delivery Insights“. The new feature will allow marketers to get more information on how their ads are performing in the backend. They will then be able to edit ads that are underperforming to reach desired audiences more effectively.

Facebook says Delivery Insights will help remove some of the guesswork that goes into creating high-performing ad campaigns. This is welcome news, as the social network boasts more than 3 million advertisers competing for our attention! Delivery Insights are rolling out globally over the coming weeks, so keep your eyes on your “Tools” tab in Ads Manager.

New safety features may be coming from Facebook

More (three, to be precise) Facebook security features could be coming, but these are related to safety and security on the social network. Facebook is testing a tool to alert users if their accounts may be getting impersonated, a new way of reporting nonconsensual intimate images and a photo checkup feature.

The impersonation tool works by Facebook alerting a potential victim that their account is being impersonated or duplicated. If the account is impersonating another, the profile will be flagged and a member of the Facebook team will manually review the case.

The other tool involving reporting of nonconsensual images involves telling Facebook if you are the victim of a photo involving nudity when flagging the photo. When triggered, Facebook will review the image and even provide links to outside resources, like support groups or information on legal options.

New Facebook security featuresFinally, Facebook is testing a Photo Checkup feature, similar to its previous Privacy Checkup. This will allow you to determine who can and can’t see your pictures. The three tools are being tested in various places around the country at this time with no release date globally.