Facebook Messenger Team Up, How-to Pins, Longer Instagram Videos

Boarding with Facebook Messenger

Boarding your flight with Facebook MessengerIn what could be the first of many, airline KLM is integrating with Facebook Messenger to make it easier to fly. Using Facebook Messenger, KLM passengers will be able to receive their itinerary, flight updates, check-in notifications, get boarding passes and even rebook fights when needed.

KLM previously embraced social media by giving travelers the ability to book tickets via Facebook and Twitter, but this utilization of Facebook Messenger is an unprecedented move and could mark the beginning of a shift in the airline industry.

Pinterest adds how-to Pins

Looking to create a new shelf in the garage or how to cook a roast for dinner? Pinterest is hoping to have you covered. In a move designed to increase engagement on the platform Pinterest has added new How-to Pins – designed to provide step-by-step instructions while staying on Pinterest.

While currently only being used by brands like Food.com and Home Depot, How-to Pins provide steps and instructions below the Pin image. Most Pins link out to an external website and drive traffic away from the social network. Pinterest hopes that these new Pins will increase engagement and time on the platform.

One minute videos coming to Instagram

60 second Instagram videos comingYou’ll soon be able to post longer videos on Instagram. The social network announced minute long videos would soon become available for posting by users. Instagram said that the time people spent watching video on the platform increased by more than 40% in the last six months – prompting the company to look into the longer video capability.

The longer video format is rolling out over the coming months, so you may need to wait a bit before seeing the ability to share longer videos with your followers. Instagram recently opened up the ability for advertisers to create 60 second long video ads.