Twitter Unveils Dashboard, Facebook Debuts Slideshow

Twitter Dashboard

DashboardA new app from Twitter – called Dashboard – could change the way social media managers use the platform and be a Hootsuite killer. The new app, unveiled this week is a free tool designed to let community managers easily engage with audiences, schedule content and even get ideas for content.

Dashboard appears to be a hybrid between the Facebook Pages app and Hootsuite. While Twitter’s recent changes appear to signal a new direction for the company time will tell if Dashboard catches on.

Facebook Debuts Slideshow Video Maker

Snapchat recently reported more than 10 billion daily video views – more than the 8 billion Facebook reports. That new may have lit the fire under Facebook. The social network is adding a new way to increase video views and content creation through a new tool called Slideshow.

Slideshow reportedly comes up as a suggestion if you’ve taken more than give pictures or videos within 24 hours. Slideshow provides a number of templates, music and stickers users can place in their Slideshows – which are suspiciously similar to Snapchat Stories.

Check out the video below to get a better idea of how Slideshow can be used and don’t be afraid to create your own!