Changes Coming to Facebook Ads

Changes Coming to Facebook Ads

Some interesting new upgrades and changes are coming to Facebook ads! The social network made the announcement this week in order to prepare ad managers for what to expect. Facebook says the plan is to work harder for ad managers so they don’t have to work quite so hard (yay!) Here is a short breakdown of what to expect:

Ads Manager

A new layout will streamline the look in Ads Manager and provide more information on ads’ performance.

The new data will display performance, audience and placement results. Doing so will provide managers a view of the performance of an ad when making necessary edits instead of memorizing details or having a second window open. This information can even be filtered and selected by date. Reports can also be set to send out at intervals to provide updates as needed, meaning updates can be provided easily and frequently to show progress.

Power Editor

While the changes in Power Editor may not be as drastic, the new and improved Power Editor will boast a larger display and an edit pane. This will provide more room and a quicker way to edit ads. Ads may also be searched by name or ID and be filtered.

Overall, Facebook says these changes are designed to help ad managers speed up and enhance the ad creation, editing and reporting process. The changes will roll out to all ad accounts in the coming months with no set date announced yet