Yelp Fraud, Netflix at Marriott and Twitter DMs

Yelp Fraud, Netflix at Marriott and Twitter DMs

Yelp FraudYelp Cracks Down on Fraudulent Reviews

For some time now, business owners have raised concerns that fake reviews would occasionally pop up on their Yelp page. Now it seems Yelp is fighting back by adding evidence of review fraud if it finds reason to suspect a review is not genuine. The suspect review will be blocked with a “Consumer Alert” box which may include a “show me evidence” button. If available, the button will lead the searcher to a screenshot showing where that evidence may be.

While the new move may not eliminate false reviews, it is definitely a step in the right direction and provide business owners a small peace of mind.

Netflix at Marriott

Marriott is officially the first hotel chain to offer Netflix to guests in their rooms. The streaming service will allow subscribers to log into their account to enjoy watching programming – and also allow guests to sign up for Netflix if they are not already a subscriber.

While the rollout will be small at first, Marriott hopes to directly offer Netflix to all of its properties by the end of 2016.

Twitter DMs Remove 140 Limit

In a move that many social media managers and customer service reps will likely praise, Twitter announced that it will allow for 10,000 character limits in Direct Messages (DMs) in July.

Previously, users were limited to the same 140 character limit that tweets were restricted to. This made it difficult for social media managers to gather information and resolve issues quickly due to some instances or issues communicated being complicated and taking a lot of back-and-forth messaging to resolve.