Lead Ads and Ignored Messages

Lead Ads and Ignored Messages

Facebook Unveils Lead Ads

Lead Ads

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Facebook wants to make it easier for people to fill out forms to subscribe or sign up for services or programs through the use of lead ads. Lead ads work by auto-populating information in forms for newsletters, asking for follow-up calls or a price estimate.

Essentially, it’s more of a one-stop shop option that keeps users from jumping page-to-page, which can lead to people becoming disinterested and stopping the process. These ads will also provide instant information and data for marketers. The image to the right provides a great visual representation of what a lead ad would look like. Right now, the ads are only available to a select number of advertisers.

Customer Messages go Ignored

Any social media manager can tell you that a large amount of messages they receive on their channels is spam or completely irrelevant…but are 87% of those messages such? A new Locowise report measured 900 Facebook pages and found a whopping 87% of customer messages went completely ignored. Less than stellar customer service, you might say. Additionally, of the pages that did respond to messages, only 37% of their messages went answered.

It’s not all bad news, though. More than 60% of messages that received a response were communicated with in 2-4 hours. As previously mentioned, a large number of irrelevant posts  and messages are sent to social networks. No one is denying this, but in order to provide an excellent level of customer service that is expected from social media it may be beneficial to give our pages or inboxes another look – or look a bit more frequently.