Case Study: Pure Michigan Million Page Likes

Pure Michigan


The Scope:

Pure Michigan assigned TwoSix Digital the task to increase its Facebook page Likes to over one million. This made Pure Michigan the third statewide tourism page behind Hawaii and New York to cross this mark. Additionally, TwoSix Digital was asked to change the location origin of the Facebook users from predominately in-state to out-of-state.

The Strategy:

Beginning in February and ending in May, 2015 TwoSix Digital developed and ran 269 unique ad sets using 13 custom audiences and 24 lookalike audiences.

The ads were targeted to consumers based upon suggestions from the Facebook Audience Insights tool and included interests, locations, brands and specialties that Michigan is known for.

Additionally, TwoSix Digital used Pure Michigan’s Google Analytics to determine targeted states and DMAs along with website pixels to help leverage traffic to to reach a deeper and more relevant audience.  Pure Michigan Lighthouse Ad

The Results:

With TwoSix Digital’s strategy, Pure Michigan successfully reached its goal with more than 290,000 Page Likes. The campaign also obtained move than 15 million ad impressions.

A major KPI included shifting the percentage of page likes from in state to out of state. When the campaign began, only 40% of the state’s Facebook Audience was from out of state. When the campaign was completed, the audience was comprised of 52% out of state residents.

The campaign goals and KPI’s were all achieved ahead of schedule and under budget despite Facebook’s purge on March 14th of inactive or memorialized accounts.

Pure Michigan Page Likes Growth