Facebook CPC, Newsfeed tweaks and Instagram HD

Facebook CPC, Newsfeed tweaks and Instagram HD

Cost Per Click Redefined

To alleviate any confusion and better demonstrate what marketers are paying for, Facebook is redefining how it measures cost per click. Very soon, CPC will only register what the social network considers to be link clicks. Those being clicks to other websites, call-to-action clicks to other sites, clicks to install apps and clicks to view videos on other websites.

Facebook currently measures CPC with any click taken within an ad, including likes and comments. The change will hopefully clarify any confusion advertisers or marketers previously had when reporting spending and performance on ads.

Newsfeed Toolbar

Credit: Facebook

More Power to the People

Also in Facebook-related news, a newsfeed change being rolled out introduces users to a set of tools allowing them to select who’s updates appear first in a timeline, the ability to unfollow or hide posts, reconnect with people you’ve unfollowed and also discover new pages.

Obviously, the biggest potential impact may be see by brand pages which underscores the increased importance Facebook has been putting on paid outreach over the past few years. The new tool is available now on iOS and will be rolling out to Android and desktop in the coming weeks.

Instagram HD

Some interesting new changes are also coming out from Instagram with photos being in a larger 1080 X 1080 size. It’s a move that many will likely welcome and should make it much easier to aggregate and feature user generated content from fans by brand pages. However, there is a slight catch: right now the new changes are only available to view on mobile. Sorry desktop users.

Instagram HD

Credit: Sean O’Kane