Trending at TwoSix: Social Listening

We understand the life of a digital community manager is a busy life. Some companies and organizations don’t even have the luxury of a full time social media manager. Whatever the situation, tasks quickly pile on the person who is responsible for running the social media.

However, this blog wants to focus on a key word for digital marketers. Social. What are ways (and reasons) marketers should be more in tune with their audience? We have the answers. Let’s get started.

Tip of the Week: Take 15 minutes out of your day to engage with and listen to your audience.

Social media is the ultimate rabbit hole. It’s very easy to lose hours by wandering aimlessly throughout the various channels. TwoSix Digital believes a lot can be accomplished in only 15 minutes.

Granted, sometimes a post “blows up” and we start our morning with a cup of coffee and 200+ comments. Those are wonderful mornings, and time should be dedicated to those comments. However, for regular day-to-day community management, simply take 15 minutes to complete the following tasks:

  • Like and comment on Instagram photos using relevant hashtags (5 minutes)
  • Like and comment on Facebook partner posts (5 minutes)
  • Favorite and reply to tweets using relevant hashtags (5 minutes)

Sure, 15 minutes does not sound like a lot of time. However, it’s better than accidentally getting sucked into 3 hours of aimless likes, or completely ignoring social listening all together.

Fact of the Week: Only 24% of businesses engage in social listening.

This Fact of the Week is so disappointing! Very few businesses are taking the time to like, comment, and engage with their audiences. It proves many marketers are using social media as a broadcasting platform, as opposed to a place to generate community and conversation.

For example, imagine your favorite Facebook Page as a dinner date. You want your date to not only tell stories and share photos, you also hope they take interest in your life, your vacation photos, and your opinions. If your date is not a good listener, chances are you won’t call them back.

To reiterate, take 15 minutes to listen and appreciate your audience! Be social!

Noteworthy Article: 4 Effective Ways to Leverage Online Reviews for Your Business

Online reviews are a great place to show your audience you care! Whether you are met with a glowing review, or an agitated guest – these are direct opportunities to spread your social butterfly wings. (Note: Destination Marketing Organizations may not receive many online reviews, however this is a great resource to share with your partners!)

Here are the 4 ways you can leverage online reviews according to this article:

  1. Use reviews to increase your brand exposure
  2. Use online reviews to increase sales
  3. Improve product with customer feedback
  4. Improve customer experience by engaging with online reviews

Give this article a read, and find out ways you can leverage their tips to make a difference on your social media channels.

TwoSix Pic of the Week: Discover Holland

By engaging in social listening, you can figure out what resonates with your audience. This week’s TwoSix Pic of the Week by Discover Holland features the “Big Red” Lighthouse. Holland knows enough about their audience to know they LOVE photos of “Big Red”.

What is your destination’s “Big Red”? If it always gets lots of love on social media, don’t be afraid to share it often!

TwoSix Digital also engages with social listening! Leave a review on our Facebook, or reply to one of our tweets. We love hearing from you!