Trending at TwoSix: Spreading Positivity!

Social media can be a toxic environment. Luckily, you are in a position to spread positivity. Travel and tourism is full of good vibes, which you get to share with your audience regularly! How do you spread positivity from your destination?

Tip of the Week: Share visitor experiences from review and photo sites to become a purveyor of positivity!

The best way you can share positivity from your destination is to share positive stories from visitors. Here’s a couple ways you can make that happen:

  • Feature UGC of a fantastic adventure within your area
  • Share positive reviews about your destinaiton
  • Collect stories from visitors, and create blog content out of their experiences
  • Ask your audience questions, and turn their responses into blogs

See? It’s easy to have fun with your audience on social media!

Fact of the Week: 43% of people claim they feel awful after browsing Facebook.


Sadly, this is why we need to be purveyors of positivity in online spaces. Facebook is a major part of communication, yet it tends to make people upset. Your content can help change these sentiments. Sharing beautiful photos and positive stories can have a great impact on the viewers!

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