How and Why to Use Instagram Location Tags

Posted: February 24th, 2022

As a business, you want your organization to be easily found on Instagram to reach more users – this is where Instagram location tags come in. These location tags offer users an easy way to search content posted within a destination and discover new places and organizations. Location tags are displayed directly underneath your Instagram handle on your post and are clickable for users to find more content tagged with that exact location.

How to Add Location Tags

To begin using your location, you first must “Check-in” through Facebook. Simply act as though you’re going to post and click ‘Check-In’.

Type in your custom destination or organization and create a name. Then scroll to the bottom to click ‘Add a new place’. Then follow the prompts to set up your place.

Why Use Location Tags

With over 500-million active daily users, eight out of ten people follow a business on Instagram. This means that thousands of users are scrolling through location-tagged content at any given time.

Instagram posts that include location tags result in a 79% higher engagement rate compared to content without a tagged location.