5 Ways to Show Your Social Media Followers You Love Them

Social media used to be all about fun, but now it can be seen as a toxic world. As community managers, we need to use our positions to spread the love and show our audience some appreciation! This is often neglected by Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), even though it can be so simple. Here are 5 simple ways you can show your followers some love.

1. Feature the best user generated photo of the week

Many DMOs are regularly sharing user generated content (UGC) on their social channels. Tools such as Crowdriff and Chute are making it extremely easy and effective to gather tons of photos and videos of your destination that were taken by locals or visitors.

While regularly sharing UGC is a great idea, how about calling out one particular photo for being the BEST photo of the week?

Simply pick a photo under your hashtag, ask the original user permission to use the photo, thank them, and give them tons of credit. For example, when sharing the best photo of the week say, “Congrats to Instagram user, _____ for having the best photo of our destination this week! If you would like to be featured next week, use our hashtag, and you could be next!”

This demonstrates to your entire audience that you value their photos, and makes one follower in particular feel very special!

2. ANSWER their questions

Community managers should be doing everything they can to be responsive to their audience, especially when someone has a question. We often see this key aspect of social media completely neglected when conducting Digital and Social Media Audits.

When posting a photo of a local restaurant, a commenter may ask, “Where is this located?” Simply give them an answer! Respond with the address, directions, or a link to the restaurant’s listing on your website.

By replying to questions, you demonstrate to your followers they are valued and heard. It will encourage them to engage and ask questions in the future!

3. ASK them questions

Another great way to appreciate your audience is ASK them questions. For example, share a photo of a local coffee shop and use the caption, “This coffee shop is a local favorite! What do you typically order at this hometown staple?”

When the comments roll in, be sure to like the comments, use the Heart Reaction button, or even respond by saying, “That sounds delicious!”

Take this one step further and create content around responses from your audience. Many DMOs are afraid of writing a blogs about the “Top 10 Restaurants” in their area, or the “Best Breweries”. This is completely understandable, but there is a great way to work around this.

Create a post that says, “We know there are so many amazing breweries in the area. Which one is your favorite? Submit your response in the comments below. We will compile the results, and let you know what the top breweries are in our area!” Consider boosting this post with some funds, compile the results, and name the top three breweries in a blog! Be upfront in the blog and say, “We heard our audience loud and clear, and here are their favorite breweries in the area!”

These blogs are super engaging, lots of fun to create, and sometimes the answers may surprise you!

4. Thank people for using your hashtag

This one is pretty simple, but gratitude goes a long way in the (sometimes) dreary world of social media.

Search for photos and videos under your hashtag on Instagram, like their photos, and occasionally comment by saying “Awesome photo! Thanks so much for using our hashtag!”

You can also find photos under other commonly used hashtags in your area and say, “This is such a great photo! We would love if you used our hashtag on great pics like this in the future.” This makes outliers feel noticed, and they tend to follow through with your advice. This will help boost engagement with your hashtag. It’s a win win!

5 Go above and beyond

One common missed opportunity we see often, is neglecting to help people in their travel planning. Many times a commenter will say, “This looks great! Maybe we will go there this summer!” They often tag friends, and start conversations about planning their adventure. (We see this more often than you would think!)

What we see happening less often is followup from the DMO. This is a key time to engage with your audience. Simply reply and say, “We would love to have you visit the area! Here’s a link to order a free visitors guide to help you plan your adventure.”

Anytime you can go above and beyond for your audience will make them feel appreciated.

Another way you can go above and beyond is by sending special gifts to super-engaged followers.

Every community manager has noticed a couple followers who constantly like your photos, comment on your posts, and share your videos. One way to show your appreciation is to privately message them and send them a personalized gift. Perhaps this follower recently mentioned their favorite restaurant in a comment. Send them a gift card to their favorite restaurant and some of your branded materials! Talk about feeling loved!

Thanks for reading this blog! We promise to show you some love if you follow us on Facebook and write a review about our business!