A Tourism Digital Marketing Strategy in the Midst of a Pandemic

COVID-19 has taken the world by storm. Because of this, the virus has caused a pandemic that resulted in local businesses, stores, destinations and full-cities to completely shut down. To help combat the virus, people are being told to stay home in hopes to keep others safe. As digital marketers, there are only so ways to continue reaching your consumers while being on lockdown. Which leaves the question – how do destinations continue to market their travel product while being told to social distance and stay home?  We’re here to help answer that question. Here is a tourism digital marketing strategy in the midst of a pandemic

1.) Retarget Previous Visitors

Email Strategy: “Come Back Soon”

This strategy may seem too ‘been-there’ or ‘done-that’. However, utilizing a campaign that centers around a “Come Back Soon” tactic may just be the thing that urges people to visit again. 

Social Media Strategy: ENGAGEMENT!

A time where many visitors may be staying home rather than traveling, targeting visitors that have been there before is key. Since we are all being self-quarantined and constantly on our phone, run a social media campaign that includes past-visitors to post a photo of A Distinct spot or place within your destination. To amp up engagement.  You can also making it a contest (having other followers vote on their favorite photo/spot) where the winner gets something like a free night stay, discounted visit, etc. in the future

2.) Local Targeting

Email Strategy: “There’s no place like home”

Local businesses are relying on their community to keep them afloat in times like this. Targeting your local market to support local businesses will show that you care about the community.

Social Strategy: Feature open Local Businesses.

Many may not be following the news or the pandemic itself close enough to know which restaurants are open and/or what stores are changing their hours of operation. Utilizing your follower base, feature local businesses that are open and encourage the local market to support them!

3.) Blog on Solo Activities

Email/Social Strategy; ‘Enjoy the view – all to yourself’
As a society, we are being told to practice social distance ourselves from others. Why not use that to your advantage?

Solo activities such as hiking, nature walking, biking, or fishing are perfect activities to do all on your own.

4.) Reassure Safe Traveling

A few ways to reassure travelers;

  • Helpful how-to’s on how to eliminate the spread of germs to keep your community safe and healthy.
  • Ways to be responsible traveler
  • Highlight steps you are taking to help combat the spread of the virus (Sanitizing/deep cleaning/etc.)
  • Include nearby clinics and/or emergency medical services contact information

5.) Continue to Communicate!

The worst thing we can do is to ghost our customers. Although we should discontinue flooding news feeds with information that is irrelevant to what our society is going through, lower the frequency of social posting (go from once a day to every other day). Overall, continue the communication and ensure your readers to be positive and think of good times coming.

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Although we may be living in difficult and odd times, it’s imperative that your destination continue to promote your travel product. Once your destination starts to reopen, be sure to check out how to create and distribute your reemerging landing page!

Still, wondering how to market during these difficult times?

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