Facebook Notify and Facial Recognition

Facebook wishes to Notify you of important news

Facebook NotifyThe latest in Facebook‘s play for eyes has a name: Notify. The new app launched this week is the company’s newest attempt at being your source for breaking news and information. Notify works by allowing you to select a number of more than 70 publishers to customize alerts and push notifications regarding news on companies, teams, events and more.

The app is available on iOS in the U.S., but does not allow for real-time discussion between users like Twitter does. This isn’t Facebook’s first attempt at something like this (remember Paper, Slingshot or Home?), but with the inclusion of real-time push notifications Notify may finally break Facebook’s less-than-stellar streak with apps involving news and information.

Facebook Experimenting with Facial Recognition Technology on your Phone

A new feature in Facebook’s Messenger app is either really cool – or really creepy, depending on how you look at it. The company is trying out something called “Photo Magic” which uses facial recognition to search for friends of yours on Facebook in pictures immediately after the picture is taken. You’ll then receive a push notification suggesting you send the picture to your friends in the photo.

The feature is being tested out in Australia and requires users to opt-in for the function, which may come as a relief for some. That won’t stop your friends from receiving the suggestion for you if you’re in a picture they’ve taken with you in it. Fortunately, you may opt-out of the facial recognition within the main Facebook app.