Likes Decline, Mobile Boarding & Travel Surveys

Facebook Cleans up Page Likes and Adds New Tool

Topic DataBrand managers could see a drop in the number of Facebook page likes on their pages. The social network recently announced it would remove likes on pages that come from deactivated or memorialized (pages kept active for the deceased) accounts. Facebook says that most pages shouldn’t see a significant drop in the number of likes and the change should provide more accurate insights for brands.

On the plus side, a new tool from Facebook may provide more information to brand managers looking for information on what target customer demographics are saying about topics of interest. Facebook, working with Data Sift, developed what it calls Topic Data. Facebook says Topic Data “Topic Data shows marketers what audiences are saying on Facebook about events, brands, subjects and activities.” The tool launched earlier this week and has limited availability at this time.

UPDATE: Some of the pages managed by TwoSix Digital and other professionals in the industry we communicate with are ranging anywhere from a decline of .02% of their total audience to as much as 4.3%.

Mobile Boarding

If a new report is to be believed, 1 in 3 boarding passes for airplanes will be delivered by mobile devices by 2019.

Juniper Research claims the number of people using their mobile devices as boarding passes will continue to rise exponentially. Juniper notes that proximity sensors in devices through apps will likely become the dominant way we check in and use passes but, for now, bar codes displayed on devices will continue to grow in use and popularity.

Travel Survey Results

Travel marketers and industry professionals can now get their hands on the latest TripBarometer report from TripAdvisor. The report surveyed more than 44,000 travelers and hoteliers to get their thoughts and travel practices. You can take a closer look at the report – broken down into a handy infographic – here.

Additionally, you can also check out a new report focusing on millennials and travel was also released by Yahoo Travel.