Pinterest Opens Shop, Twitter Kills Favorites

Pinterest Opens Shop

Pinterest ShopWhen Pinterest announced users would finally be able to buy some of the items they see and pin onto their boards many thought it was a great and exciting concept! However, the reality was a bit less exciting as it quickly became clear that finding pins with the little blue icon on them indicating they were able to be purchased was quite rare. Now, however, Pinterest is hoping to make buying items much easier for its 100 million users.

Available now, the Pinterest Shop allows you to find “trend collections” or buyable pins curated by the social network. For a company valued at $11 billion the move makes perfect sense. While the obvious application for retail is clear, it remains to be seen how other industries might be able to get in on the action. After all, how many travel/tourism-related pins do you see on a daily basis?

Twitter Kills Favorites, Replaces with Likes

For some time now Twitter and Facebook have borrowed ideas from one another (cover photos for Twitter, hashtags for Facebook), but the latest tweak on Twitter’s part seems to show how similar that social network is to becoming Facebook. Twitter has replaced its use of Favorites with Likes. You should notice this now when logging in that the star icon under tweets in your feed has been replaced with a heart.

The reasoning for this from Twitter’s product manager was a bizarre response: “”You might like a lot of things, but not everything can be your favorite.” Oh okay…