Everything You Need to Know About Facebook’s Creator Studio App

The initial Creator Studio was launched by Facebook last September. It utilizes all the tools needed to post, manage and measure your content across Facebook and Instagram accounts. Now, Facebook has introduced the Creator Studio App. So, you can now measure your content for multiple accounts, all in one place, on the go! Here is everything you need to know about Facebook’s Creator Studio App.

Some features are not yet available on the App. For now, post creation will need to be on the web version. However, you can use the mobile application to edit video titles, delete posts, publish, and reschedule drafted posts on the fly – along with some other great tools. New to the App? Don’t worry! Check out what you need to know about Facebook’s New Creator Studio App.


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The home page highlights both your insights and your content posts. If you’re stretched for time or even just want to see how you’re doing the last 28 days vs. the previous, the home page gives you a few ways to track your content, including key metrics like 1 Minute and 3 Second Views on your videos, along with Shares, Comments, and Net Followers on your videos.

One of the best features — located in the header on the left hand size is your profile picture. By clicking on that, you are easily able to toggle between Facebook accounts you manage.

Manage Post Content

You can find your Published, Scheduled and Drafted Posts on the second tab at the bottom. This allows you to see all your previously posted content along with likes, shares, comments, and engagement, all in one place. This is perfect for managing content such as posts, posted or drafted. At this time, content creation isn’t supported within the app.

Next to the bolded text of your post is three dotted lines. Those lines allow you to either view insights of that post, edit, view it on Facebook or delete the post.

Communication in Real-Time via Inbox & Notifications

The Creator Studio App allows for you to easily engage with your followers by simply replying to comments and messages. Similar to the way the desktop Creator Studio allows you to manage your communication all in one spot – so does the App! Under the Inbox Tab is where you will find your messages and comments. The major difference is that the App only allows you to see your Facebook Inbox and Comments – but not your Instagram one’s like the desktop version allows.

Track Your Insights

Here is where you will find a few ways to track your content. 1 Minute and 3 Second Views, Total Engagement, and Net Followers are the tabs for your video data you’re able to find within your Creator Studio App. Under those tabs your Performance Summary is broken down into similar categories (3 Second/1Min Views, Comments, Shares, and Net Followers). By selecting the “See More” option located under that, you can further break down your data.

The Creator Studio App allows you to easily manage your Facebook brand on the go. For more tips and tricks on digital marketing and tourism make sure to check out our Blog and sign up for our e-newsletter! And don’t forget to follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.