Instagram Analytics and New Twitter Changes

Instagram Analytics Coming to Business Pages

Instagram AnalyticsNews recently came out about new Instagram brand pages that businesses would soon be able to use to better market themselves and their brands. Now, it appears the Facebook-owned platform will take a page from its  parent company and provide business pages with useful Instagram analytics.

Some of the useful information reportedly being provided includes:

  • Follower demographics including location and gender and age
  • Most active time during the day of followers
  • Post and engagement data

Data like this will only help provide brand managers with better data when developing content for the platform and knowing when the best time to post will be. Additionally, information on the ages and location of followers should also prove beneficial.

While there’s still no word on when these Instagram analytics and the business pages will become available it’s clear that they’ll be a welcome addition to the platform for business owners and marketers – especially with these analytics. Right now, many social media managers and marketers are left working with third party sites like Picstats and Squarelovin for this information.

New Twitter Changes

Some very welcome news for social media managers from Twitter: the social network will no longer count media (photos and videos) or mentions toward the 140 character limit permitted on the platform. Additionally, users will no longer need to include a period before a mention for a tweet to appear publicly (ex. .@TwoSixDigital that was a great article you shared, thanks!”

The platform recently swapped out its “Favorite” button for a more widely-understood “Like” button – a move the company says has led to some large increases in engagement on the platform.

The news came out recently as the platform takes new steps to become more user-friendly and to reduce the learning curve some associate with Twitter.