Snapchat Overtakes, Pinterest Saves and Iconosquare Changes

Snapchat Daily Users Surpass Twitter

Snapchat If you’re still thinking Snapchat is just a fad you may need to think again. The social network has more than 150 million daily active users – larger than the 136 million Twitter reportedly has. Since its creation in 2011 the Snapchat’s user growth has exploded with it being of particular interest to younger people.

One of the reasons cited for its popularity is the way Snapchat makes communication via short messages and texts more fun by allowing people to send annotated selfies and fun and silly edited photos and videos.

Twitter, on the other hand, has been the subject of bad news lately. However, some recent changes that make it easier to the platform have many users optimistic about the direction of the social network.

Pinterest Changes Pin It to Save

Pinterest SaveA new change by Pinterest looks to increase the understanding of the purpose of the platform for international users. Pinterest is changing the “Pin It” button to a “Save” button noting that the idea of pinning something was hard to understand for users in other countries, but saving is an idea we can all get behind.

Functioning the exact same way was the previous button, Pinterest says that by changing the button for browsers that users were saving 8% more than they were previously through pinning.

Pinterest says that a better understanding of the functionality of the platform around the world will lead to a wider and richer selection of Pins. Your button may have already updated, but if it hasn’t you can update now.

Iconosquare wants your money

A newly redesigned Iconosquare now requires users to pay to use the Instagram analytics website. Iconosquare says it now offers more data and analytics to users you may view here. Something was bound to change with Instagram set to unveil business accounts with analytics in the coming months.

Still, if you’re looking for a free platform for your Instagram analytics needs Squarelovin and Picstats are both great tools.