Instagram Business Pages Rollout, Facebook Business Pages Change

Instagram Business Pages Now Available

Instagram Business PagesThe big news this week involves those Instagram Business Pages we told you about a few months ago. Well, they’re here! Several TwoSix Digital clients noticed the option to switch over to the new page through their page settings – and they look great!

The new Business Pages provide more options to include information on your business including a phone number, address and email along with a “Contact” button.

Perhaps one of the most exciting additions to Instagram Business Profiles is the access to free analytics. Businesses and social media managers will now be able to access key information on posts and followers without the use of a third party app or website.

While it is not mandatory to switch over right now, it may only be a matter of time before accounts are forced over to used the new profile. Social Media Examiner has a great article on how to switch over and set up your Instagram Business Profile here

Facebook Business Profiles Also Change

Many social media managers also noticed their Facebook profiles had switched to a more mainstreamed look with a focus on visuals and services offered.

Here’s a summary of what’s noteworthy:


  1. Smaller profile pictures that are half the size of the current photos permitted
  2. Cover photos remain the same size
  3. Page tab links are aligned left and now underneath profile and cover images
  4. Like, Message and Share buttons are under the cover photo to the right
  5. “View Page As” feature to give page managers the ability to see how visitors see things on the page
  6. Call-to-Action buttons are a bright blue and right underneath page tabs


  • Credit: ShortStack

    Credit: ShortStack

    Call-toAction button is much larger and stretches across the entire screen

  • New sections for pages for “Shopping” and “Services” underneath  the Like, Message and Share buttons
  • Easier navigation through tabs giving each a corresponding tab – similar to photos and videos