Trump Tourism and New Facebook App

Trump inspires travel searches

Donald TrumpLove him or hate him, President-elect Donald Trump victory on Tuesday has reportedly led to a surge in travel searches. People searching for one way flights to Canada jumped more than 1000% after Trump was announced as the winner.

You’ve probably seen people saying they would move to Canada with Trump as the president – which is why searches for Canada, Australia and New Zealand travel skyrocketed.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean people will be moving out of the U.S. The increased interest in travel may actually lead to some vacations and travels that could benefit the tourism industry.

New Facebook app and function take aim at Snapchat, Linkedin

A newly unveiled Facebook app and function may spell trouble for Snapchat and LinkedIn. We’ve seen signs of Facebook’s aggression toward Snapchat for some time now, but this new app steps things up a bit. The new Facebook app, Flash, does pretty much exactly what Snapchat does. Flash allows users to position filters over photos and videos to be shared with friends.

New Facebook App: Flash
Flash is only available in Brazil at the moment, but is expected to be made more widely available. Flash was designed for emerging markets with poor WiFi and connectivity.


Image via TechCrunch

Snapchat isn’t the only social network on alert this week. Facebook announced job listings would soon be added to Business Pages under a new tab. Those interested in jobs posted on Pages will even be able to apply for the position on Facebook. This, obviously, could be problematic for LinkedIn if it takes off.

Here’s where the really cool part starts: Facebook will even allow employers to promote open positions through ads. This will allow employers to utilize the massive amount of data Facebook possesses to reach more qualified people. Testing is currently underway.