Facebook Mobile Ad Format and Instagram isn’t Square

Facebook Mobile Ad Format and Instagram isn’t Square

Another type of mobile ad?

Facebook looks to be exploring a new format for mobile ads. These ads will first appear as normal Facebook posts, but will open into a full screen representation of a brand’s website.

According to reports, users can scroll through multiple pages of videos, images and text, most of which is hosted on Facebook.

The new ads are being tested with a small group of brands right now. No word yet on if and when this new ad type


Credit: @Aashleyyuki

No longer hip to be square

Instagram users are no longer stuck using square photos! The social network’s new changes allow for portrait and landscape imagery to be uploaded by users. As you scroll through your feed you will instantly see new formats from pictures that will be seamlessly integrated.

This will, undoubtedly be, good news for all of us who struggle to get a photo to appear just right for our personal pages and have to continually go through photo banks to look for the appropriate photo that won’t be awkwardly cropped for our business or brand pages.

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