How to Quickly Add Valuable, Hidden Hashtags to Instagram

Hashtags are powerful on Instagram, but it can be easy to forget to add the important ones or add too many, making your post clunky. Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to add a bunch of hidden Instagram hashtags to your posts while keeping it user-friendly.

1. Mobile Word Processor

Open up a mobile word processor like the iPhone’s “Notes”

2. 5 dots on 5 different lines

Type 5 periods by pressing “enter” or “return” after each period

3. Build Your Core

Identify around 5 hashtags that you want to use in almost every post, such as your hashtag and city

4. Crucial: The Next Line

Go back – make sure your typed your first hashtag on the next line after the last period. Press “enter” or “return” if it’s not!

5. Add Subject/Theme Hashtags

Add at least 7-8 hashtags that are relevant to the subject or general theme. Try out some hashtag generators, like Hashtagify, top hashtags on All-Hashtags, and Seek Metrics.

Aim for those that users are likely to search for – find that sweet spot between too specific and too broad. For example, instead of just “#Theatre“, try “#MusicalTheatre” and “#TheatreLife“.

6. Select & Copy

Highlight all your text – the five periods and all your hashtags – in this grouping, then press “copy” to copy the text to your clipboard.

7. Post Your Picture to Instagram

Make sure to include your legacy tag in the caption! If you need some help finding the right photo or taking the right picture, check out our guides.

8. Comment On Your Image

Click “comment” on your picture and paste your hashtags, then press post!

9. Valuable Content, Hidden Hashtags

You now have hidden Instagram hashtags in the post, and they’re discoverable, but it won’t get in the way of your message!

hidden Instagram Hashtags

10. Develop Your Hashtag Arsenal

You have your “core” of hashtags, and now you can develop groups of ‘tags for different themes that you can easily copy & paste.


  1. Error message? Instagram has a limit, so delete a few hashtags and you’ll be good to go.
  2. Locate a group in your notes quickly by using the built-in “Find in Note” feature. You can search by clicking the arrow in the top right corner and selecting “Find In Note” in the pop-up menu on the bottom.
  3. Try to use a blend of popular hashtags (which will get you likes quickly), and less prominent hashtags that are more specific to your story so your post might get a place in the “Top Posts” for that search.

Now that you have all your hashtags in one place, you’re just a few taps away from a post with great reach every time! You can easily increase your social media effectiveness by adding a bunch of hidden hashtags to your Instagram posts every time.

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