10 GIFs That Describe a Day-in-the-Life of a Tourism Marketer

We asked tourism marketers all over the United States & Canada to tell us a thought that they consistently have over and over throughout the course of their work day.

Here’s what they had to say!

1. “All these Instagram pictures got me feeling…” – Elizabeth Ching, CrowdRiff

2. “When a Debbie Downer leaves a negative (often unrelated) comment on a Facebook post, and then others proceed to chime in and argue in the comments. Who has that much free time on their hands?!” – Katie Utken, Visit Hamilton County, Indiana

3. “Why do so many destinations show their skylines? They all look the same!”  – Gina Speckman, Chicago’s North Shore

4. “When you try to get your partners to update their listing info…” – Logan Steele, Visit Loudoun

5. “When your destination’s name is derived from something historic/cultural and is hard for people to spell.” – Ashley Smith Frankenmuth Chamber of Commerce & Convention and Visitor’s Bureau

6. “When you make a tiny error in the post and the message is 100% lost, all they care about is the mistake.” – Mariah Goos, Sault Ste. Marie

7. “When the team comes up with a new, super awesome blog post idea in the Monday morning meeting.”  Miguel Guillen, Visit Stockton

8. “I really hope they don’t take a bite of their food before I can get a photo.” – Amelia Ritter, Livingston County

9. “We have so many summer camps, playgrounds, parks, and splash pads here. Am I too old to participate?” – Amelia Ritter, Livingston County

10. “Constantly hearing “we should do this”, “you should do that”, in board meetings and you’re just like…” – Amie Burrill Burnsville Convention & Visitor’s Bureau

We hope that this gave your tourism office a good laugh. Feel free to send us your thoughts via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!