Four Unique Ways to Leverage UGC in Your Destination Marketing

Posted: April 13th, 2022

As a tourism content marketer, you’re quite familiar with user-generated content. You’ve created it. You’ve curated it. And you’ve likely calculated its stats for reports. Here are four unique ways to make UGC a part of your destination marketing. 

1. Embed member UGC into blog posts

Find photos from a similar subject and embed them into a blog post. Here’s an example from Visit Orlando that embeds an image for each business listed in this blog post: Walk on the Wild Side at Orlando Zoos and Gardens

You can create these types of posts for coffee shops, ice cream shops, gardens, outdoor activities, etc. the options are endless!

2. UGC doesn’t always have to be photos

Another way to generate UGC is to ask your Facebook fans or Instagram followers what their favorite [al fresco restaurant] is. Then create a “Top [al fresco restaurants], according to our Facebook fans” blog post. Grab photos from Instagram or Facebook to make the post even more authentic. Here’s a great example of Louisville’s Most Popular Burgers.

3. Share the most Instagrammable spots in your destination

You know people are looking for great spots to take photos, so why not provide a list on your blog?! We love this post of the Most Instagramable Spots in OKC!

4. Encourage selfies

While you’re providing spots for visitors to take photos, also encourage selfies. Here’s a great post on 10 Must-Take Selfies In San Mateo County & Silicon Valley! Or if you’d like more than a blog post, create a contest! This #LouisvilleLove contest requires visitors to take selfies at six different locations. Then show the photos at the Louisville Visitor Center to receive a prize.