Trending at TwoSix: Hashtag Overload and Hotel Website Tweaks

The landscape of the web and social media is ever-changing for the tourism industry. Just when you think you have the solution, consumers change their minds on what they would like to see. Never fear, TwoSix Digital strives to keep you informed of notable industry trends in travel, hospitality, and tourism.

Tip of the Week: Create custom posts for each channel. Authenticity cannot be automated.


One of the most cringe-worthy social media acts is automation between channels. We have all seen a Tweet that says something like, “Come on down to our awesome event on June 25. We will have a barbecue, pony rides, live music, and more! The event starts at…” A post such as this shows the original message was crafted in Facebook, and was not optimized for Twitter. The content provides little value, and sends a confusing message. Take the time to craft individual posts for each audience. Engage with each channel, build a community, and be authentic not automated!

Fact of the Week: Twitter found Tweets without a hashtag or mention generate 23% more clicks.


This one hurts a little. The hashtag was Twitter’s “easy button” for content marketing. While this statistic makes the symbol formerly known as “pound” seem irrelevant, there is still a time and a place for hashtags. Twitter still features trending hashtags on their channel, meaning there are relevant conversations to capitalize on.

Consider these examples when using hashtags in the future. Let’s assume #NationalSuperheroDay is trending on Twitter.

Do: “Find your inner hero on #NationalSuperheroDay by visiting one of our local comic shops!”

Do Not: “Our #city has tons of #comicbook stores! #NationalSuperheroDay #Superman #Batman #WonderWoman”

Hashtags are still a powerful tool on Twitter, just use them with intention! You can learn more interesting stats on building traffic with Twitter in this article.

Noteworthy Article: How the Simplest Changes in Hotel Web Design Can Impact Revenue

How the Simplest Changes in Hotel Web Design Can Impact Revenue

This case study highlights a hotel’s effort to increase revenue by reviewing their website analytics. Despite a brand new, responsive, image-driven website, the hotel was experiencing a decrease in revenue in 2016. The hotel was able to identify its most visited pages, and simply added copy with links to their bookings page to encourage viewers to book a stay. This lead to a significant increase in revenue, and proves data-driven decisions can have a serious impact on the bottom line!

TwoSix Client Pic of the Week: Outer Banks Visitors Bureau

With waterfront views this festive, who needs ❄?

A photo posted by The Outer Banks (@theouterbanksnc) on

TwoSix’s Client Pic of the Week featured Outer Banks Visitors Bureau in North Carolina! This historic lighthouse dates back to the 1800’s, and is now home to maritime exhibitions throughout the year.

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