Trending at TwoSix: Hope is Not a Strategy

The worst thing a content marketer can do is “hope”. Instead, content planners should analyze and plan. This blog will share some quick tips on ways to kickstart a content marketing strategy. We recommend going through the process of the Tactical Content Planning Program. However, keep reading to get your wheels spinning on ways to improve your social media strategy today. Let’s get started.

Tip of the Week: Identify three themes that set your destination apart from other places. Speak to each aspect weekly on social media.

What makes your destination unique? Is it a farm-to-table foodie scene, high quality arts and culture, or maybe state of the art attractions? Asking yourself about the unique aspects of your destination is step one of the process.

Next, analyze data to make sure your instincts are correct. Use information that is readily available to find what resonates with your audience. For example:

  • The top 5 pages on your website according to Google Analytics
  • The top 10 posts on Facebook within the past year
  • The top 3 Pinterest Boards with the most followers

This small sample of data will help confirm your ideas on what types of stories your audience likes to hear. Additionally, sometimes this process reveals an under-marketed gem. You may have an amazing craft beer scene, but find it’s underperforming in your analytics. That’s a problem worth fixing by placing more of an emphasis on marketing your craft beer offerings.

Now comes the planning. Once you have identified three unique niches of your destination – commit to sharing stories about them on a weekly basis. Scroll through your social media after a month of this commitment, and you will be amazed at the transformation!

When a potential visitor finds your destination on social media, think of that first impression. Do you want this person to see 5 posts about the new park? Or would you prefer they learn about the new park, places to eat, and events nearby? Paint a vibrant picture of your destination using the palette of your top three niches!

Fact of the Week: Top challenges facing content marketers.

According to a recent study, content marketers face similar challenges. We are problem solvers at TwoSix Digital. When we see a list like this, we want to come up with solutions for your organization. If you share these common struggles, here are ways to overcome them.

Problem: Too few staff
Solutions: Start an intern program; hire guest bloggers; leverage user generated content

Problem: Lack of budget
Solutions: Leverage organic targeting on Facebook; create simple videos on your iPhone; reassess your print budget

Problem: Internal politics
Solutions: Get upper management involved in social media; use high impact data to report your success

Problem: Poor delivery from agencies
Solutions: Asses your analytics to hold them accountable; find examples of content marketing you wish to create; work with TwoSix Digital ?

Problem: Restrictive brand rules
Solutions: Develop a brand guide so the rules are clear to everyone; research similar brands for inspiration; try to have fun with social media despite restrictions

If you struggle with these problems and more, don’t worry. You are not alone.

Noteworthy Tweet: Hope is not a strategy.

If you attended Tourism Academy in Long Beach, you may have witnessed this tweet-worthy piece of advice. Senior Director of Strategy and Education, Brian V. Matson, presented a keynote session on Video Marketing on a Shoestring Budget.

Similar to all aspects of content marketing, hoping a video will perform well is not a strategy. Use the tips above to analyze your audience, and identify which types of videos they would like to see. Next, you must properly distribute your video using TwoSix Digital’s 5 Rule.

Using these tactics will eliminate hope…in a good way!

TwoSix Pic of the Week: Shanty Creek Resorts

Tonight's golden sunset ablaze over Torch Lake. #WishYouWereHere

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After all that analyzing and planning, take a deep breath and enjoy this beautiful picture of Torch Lake by Shanty Creek Resorts.

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