How to Spark New Blog Topic Ideas

One of the essential parts of your marketing strategy is Blog Creation. Continually producing blogs can help generate a loyal brand following, increase traffic, and long term organic search sustainability – but after a while, your blog-topic ideas may start to run out. For many of us, though, much of our blog-writing or content calendar planning process is spent trying to figure out what to write about. However, coming up with new blog topics may be one of the hardest parts of the content-creation process. Luckily, there are a few ways to re-spark your content creation fuel to generate new blog topics. Use these tips and tricks to spark new blog topic ideas.

Use a Content Ideas Generator

An easy way to generate blog topic ideas is to utilize a Keyword Search Generator. Buzzsumo is a great resource to use to find engaging content and even discover new outreach opportunities. Simply type in a keyword related to your destination or industry to quickly find ideas for new content, such as hiking trails, restaurants, attractions in your area, etc.

Results with popular posts related to that keyword will appear and be sorted based on social shares. They  are ranked by the highest number of social shares and gives you an idea of how the related content is doing on each social channel. These posts are from the last 6 months to a year which means you’re getting the newest content.

Use these related posts to generate your next blog! The content found can be used to either generate a topic based on the post – or, you can even use a theme the came up in your search. Just be sure to add your own twist and elaborate further on the topic. So, if you find “5 Reasons Why You Need to Visit”, it can be as easy as “10 Reasons to Check Out Our Destination.”

Another great resource for searching keyword-related posts is UberSuggest.

Search for Questions from People about Your Destination

What are your potential and past visitors asking about your destination? You may not know that there are many users asking vital questions that may help determine on if someone is going to visit your destination. Luckily, there are ways to find out what they’re asking about! is a platform that users can go to ask or answer questions about a specific subject. Upon creating your account, users can add topics that interest them or ones that they want to learn more about. A ‘feed’ is then generated as a home page.

Users are able to post questions regarding your destination like;

  • What are fun things to do in Traverse City, MI?
  • What’s Frankenmuth, MI known for?
  • What makes Yosemite National Park ideal for tourists?

You can take these questions and turn them into a blog topic, like;

  • The 7 Most Fun-Filled Activities You Have to Try (And Where to Stop on The Way) in Traverse City, MI
  • 5 Things That Would Surprise You About Frankenmuth, MI
  • A How-To Guide on Visiting Yosemite National Park

Once you write the informative blog answering any questions, make a account and reply to the question with a direct link to the blog! This way, you’re answering their question while driving more traffic to your website.

You may be a Google Analytics pro and know where all your traffic is coming from (organic, search, etc.) but what are users most interested in upon entering your site? If you have a search bar embedded in your site, you may have your answer. One way to spark new blog topic ideas is to check the inquires, questions, and keywords your users are using on your site. If they are regularly being searched for, this may be the perfect way to generate your next rock-star blog.

Use these search results to generate blog topics like:

  • Best Restaurants You Have to Visit
  • The Hidden Gems You Never Knew We Had
  • Must-Stay Places

Visit TripAdvisor Travel Forums

TripAdvisor Forums are useful for travelers planning visits to your destination. It’s an easy way for users to get quick answers and insights on certain places. Right now, there are many people asking and inquiring about the state of openings and occupancies within destinations — when it will be open, what’s going, what are the guidelines, etc. This makes now the perfect time to generate blogs related to these topics.

Traverse City does a great job of staying up-to-date on their destination-related questions on the TravelForum. Based on the question asked, Traverse City replies with the designated landing page from their website. This helps increase website traffic while also promoting a positive brand image by actively replying to user questions. It’s also a great tactic for generating blog topics if the same question is continually asked.

Utilize Previously High-Performing Content

Whatever happened to the blog you wrote that performed well on your site? What many digital markets don’t realize is that blogs can be used as a series. When destinations and organizations were reopening post-pandemic, we created a mini-series on Reemerging Landing Pages. First, we discussed the first step in the process: How to Create Your Reemerging Website Landing Page. This blog featured a step-by-step process on how to create the landing page to highlight reopening strategies. In part two, we discussed now that the page has been created, How to Distribute Your Reemerging Landing Page

Just because you have already written a blog about top spots in your destination or ways to experience your city, blog topics can be used again as part of a series or to be re-created.

The last thing we want is to be repetitive when it comes to our blog topics. However, especially right now, there are a lot of unknowns within the travel industry post-pandemic, so communicating with visitors through blog posts and social media blasts are crucial.

Once your blog topic is set and your content has been written, check out How to Generate More Traffic to Your Tourism Blog. Be sure to use UTM codes to track where your blogs are being viewed. Don’t know what UTM codes are? Look over this Beginner’s Guide to UTM Codes. If you’re using User-Generated Content within your blogs to showcase an ‘inside-look’ at your destination, be sure to learn How to Properly Credit UGC.

As always, check back here weekly to see what informative blogs we’re posting on our blog like How to Leverage a Safer Customer Experience through QR codes and more. Don’t forget to also sign up for our e-newsletter to make sure you keep up-to-date on all things TwoSix Digital!