6 Best Practices To Make An Awesome Landing Page

Why are landing pages important? Marketers spend billions of dollars on creative campaigns, and often, the final destination is an underwhelming webpage. The viewer is frustrated with a lack of information, and the marketer struggles to meet their annual goals (i.e. garnering email subscribers, visitor guide requests). Also, a solid landing page is likely to enhance engagement metrics such as time on site, and pages per session. Keep reading to learn the best practices of a successful landing page, and check out the example we included.

1. Immediately deliver what you promised

If your advertisement screams, “ENTER TO WIN SOMETHING AMAZING!”, audiences need to be able to find the signup form…immediately. If your fancy carousel ad says, “CLICK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE BEST FOOD IN THE AREA!”, they want to see valuable information…not an alphabetical listing of every restaurant in your database. Prior to launching a campaign, define your promise to your audience, and deliver the promise on the landing page! Simple enough, but this mistake is made time and time again.

2. Develop clear CTAs, and display them above the fold

Each of your landing pages can align with one (or more) of your annual goals. Sure, marketers want to deliver information, or give someone the chance to win an awesome prize. But we have our own motives as well. We need e-mails. We want mentions on Twitter. We long for ALL the likes on our Instagram posts. Define a clear call-to-action that meets your needs, and clearly display it above-the-fold. (For any youngins reading this blog, “above-the-fold” is a phrase used in the newspaper industry. Basically, make sure viewers do not have to scroll to see your CTA!)

3. Add trust indicators

More and more consumers want to see user-generated content, so make sure you are leveraging this in your next campaign. 70% of consumers trust online peer-reviews more than professional content and copy. There are tons of statistics that conclude UGC and peer reviews are powerful opportunities to drive conversions. Here are types of trust-indicators that you could include on your next landing page:

  • TripAdvisor or Yelp reviews
  • Testimonials
  • Embedded UGC Instagram photos
  • Embedded UGC YouTube videos

4. Include copy with bullets of quick, useful information

There’s a reason Buzzfeed is one of the most popular websites in the country.

People enjoy:

  • Numbered lists
  • Bullets
  • Easily ingestible information

You may think “22 Dogs That Will Brighten Your Day” is a cheesy way to bait clicks, but unless you are writing an in-depth news piece, feel free to keep the information easy to understand. You have only a few seconds to prove your value, and avoid high bounce rates.

5. Make sure your page is clearly branded

The look of your landing page should reflect the brand you are portraying within your ad. Make sure your logo is clearly displayed, and the messages of the ad and webpage match. It’s that simple.

6. Connect your channels to your page

Use your landing page as an opportunity to push your audience further down the funnel by clearly displaying your social media channels. Make sure your audience has a clear opportunity to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and more. Take it a step further, and embed some of your content onto your landing page. Your campaign worked hard to engage people. Now, make the most of it and get some extra followers while you’re at it!

Examples for inspiration

This social ad was found on Facebook. It was a video ad, encouraging the viewer to sign up for Gaia’s morning yoga series.

Notice how Gaia incorporates every best practice on their landing page! Click here to view the entire landing page. The messaging of the ad matches the landing page, the call to action is above the fold, their teachers provide testimonials on the importance of yoga, bullets on the benefits of yoga are included, Gaia’s brand is clearly displayed throughout the page, and they provide the option to sign up for their newsletter. Way to go Gaia!

Thanks for reading! Do you have a question about your next campaign and landing page? Take a look at TwoSix Digital’s Integrated Digital Campaign Services, or reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter.