National Travel & Tourism Week

National Travel and Tourism Week (NTTW) is hosted annually by the US Travel Association to celebrate the travel industry in the United States. This year, especially due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s imperative to bring the travel industry together along with recognizing the impact on the entire world economy.

The theme for this year centers around the ‘Spirit of Travel’ – recognizing the strength and resilience of the travel industry and looking ahead to the eventual recovery of the current health and economic crisis.

To celebrate NTTW, the TwoSix team would like to share some of the most inspirational posts that we found around the #SpiritOfTravel hashtag on Instagram. Check out the 10 Best Posts of National Travel & Tourism Week 2020 that highlight hope and spread the spirit of travel and support.

The travel and tourism industry now more than ever needs to come together to support the countries cities, counties, and destinations.

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