Last year, we spoke about Facebook’s Distribution Score — essentially, why certain Facebook posts reach more people. The takeaway is that Facebook wants engaging content on its platform, because that’s what’ll keep people on the platform the longest. The same is true of every single social media channel.

TwoSix Digital has seen a big shift in the last two years or so. It used to be that social media platforms wanted a certain number of posts per day or week. Now it’s more about putting out good content — on a consistent basis if you can, but that’s not required. More importantly for some, it’s about not posting lower-quality content.

For most organizations, that requires a complete rethink. Community Managers are often judged by the quantity of posts. The trouble is that with every post of lower quality, fewer users interact with it, and fewer people see it. The next time you post, less people will see it because your audience – or number of engaged users – is smaller. And it can keep getting smaller, like a snowball melting the longer you hold it.

There’s good news, though. If you let go of the reigns and push community managers to create high quality content every time they can, that same snowball will start growing and growing. Your takeaway? If you don’t have anything fun to say, don’t say it at all!