We’re excited to see that TikTok has launched its own education platform to help creators get the most out of their TikTok marketing efforts. It’s called TikTok Academy and currently features courses for TikTok 101 best practices and a guide for small business marketing.  On the surface, this new learning tool appears to be very similar to Meta’s Blueprint which is one of the best online resources for mastering the worlds of Facebook and Instagram. There are plans to expand the offerings of more TikTok courses over time so it’s something you’ll want to check back on periodically. Courses take between 1 and 4 hours to complete and they are offering certifications and badges just like Blueprint does as you complete courses. We’re excited to see this tool become available as TikTok has been an extremely popular topic during our coaching and consulting calls with DMOs. It seems everyone is trying to crack the code for TikTok marketing so this educational tool becoming available is a great thing to see. All you need is a verified email to sign up and it is free of charge. Every little bit of knowledge we can gain is priceless, especially when we can get best practices advice directly from the source. If it’s anything like Blueprint, you’ll want to sign up and bookmark the link for daily usage!