As video continues to dominate across social media platforms, YouTube is combining CTV and shorts to create a larger and more interactive viewing experience. Both CTV and shorts viewing has been on the rise, so the combination of the two makes a lot of sense.

The new Shorts display presents a smaller viewing window in the middle of the screen, while users are able to interact with Shorts clips via their TV remote, enabling them to skip through, select topic tags, and more. [Social Media Today]

For advertisers, CTV ads have been a great way to get video ads in front of the consumers’ eyes. With so many people watching connected TV, networks allowing great targeting options to reach consumers and the ability to create a TV like commercial without the high cost is a definite win and a viable option for any business looking to promote a destination or product. YouTube will be adding ads to shorts providing an already great opportunity to businesses but now with the addition of CTV, we can see these ads on the big screen, potentially reaching more eyes than just the pair behind a single phone. Combining these two rising stars may really create a big opportunity for the future of advertising on YouTube!