Trending at TwoSix: Silent Revolution and Wellness Tourism

TwoSix Digital strives to keep the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry on the cutting edge by informing you of the latest digital trends. This week we are focussing on URL building, Facebook video captions, and leveraging digital strategies to capitalize on wellness tourism. If you like this article, share it on Facebook and Twitter!

Tip of the Week: Easily track your campaigns in Google Analytics by using the Google URL builder before you launch your campaign effort.

Picture this: You have a robust effort to promote a major event in your destination. You have Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest ads running strong, the event is promoted heavily on your e-newsletter, and you even made a YouTube video which links to the event’s landing page. How do you measure your impact? With so many pieces to the puzzle, diving into Google Analytics can feel like a firehose of information. Simplify your tracking and measurement process by taking a few moments to build campaign URL’s before you effort goes live. We found an amazing step-by-step guide to set up the URLs, which proves this approach is simple and effective. This particular effort also helps TwoSix Digital analyze your efforts should you set up a Digital/Social Media Audit with us.

Fact of the Week: 85% of Facebook video is watched with no sound.

The “Silent Revolution” is in full force, and most of the time, Facebook users prefer to ingest videos without sound. Facebook is aware of this growing trend, and now has an automatic caption-creator. Make your videos more accessible (and favorable) by utilizing this new tool. You can also optimize previous videos with the caption builder! Here’s a step-by-step guide to autogenerating captions on your videos. This key to success is what the TwoSix Team likes to call a “No Brainer.”

Noteworthy Article: Hello 2017 and welcome to online wellness tourism.

Traveling is no longer an excuse to forgo a healthy lifestyle for a week. Many visitors are actively seeking opportunities to be healthy on-the-go when visiting a destination. In fact, this new trend is motivating travel decisions in the early stages. According to the featured article, tourists spend around $600 billion annually on wellness when traveling. They want to know where to find yoga, organic food, and massage studios when they’re in your destination. If these types of experiences are available in your destination, how are you leveraging them? Consider creating a blog and/or a Pinterest board to engage your healthy visitors!

TwoSix Client Pic of the Week: Explore Branson

One of Branson’s newest (and most popular) attractions is a historic marvel! This beautiful ferris wheel claimed Chicago’s Navy Pier as its home until 2015. Learn more about the beautiful ferris wheel here.

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