Trending at TwoSix: Story Extenders, Facebook Traffic, and Millennial Meeting Planners

This week we are encouraging our readers to:

  • Extend the stories of their blogs
  • Find out what the best time is to post on Facebook
  • Engage millennial meeting planners

This blog will provide you with the tools you need to get started on these timely tasks. Let’s get started.

Tip of the Week: For each blog, identify two story extenders to keep the engagement rolling.

One of the worst (and most common) blogging mistakes, is post and run! Don’t leave your content behind, and extend the story. Before sharing your blog, identify two opportunities to extend the story across another channel.

Here are some examples of story extenders:
Relevant Pinterest Board
YouTube video
Facebook photo album
Twitter poll
Snapchat Lense

How can you extend the story of your next blog? If you are stumped, consider signing up for a Tactical Content Planning Process with TwoSix Digital to ease the process.

Fact of the Week: Facebook’s highest traffic occurs mid-week between 1 and 3pm.

Tisk tisk. Looks like the majority of people are having fun on Facebook during business hours! Regardless, this is an interesting factoid for marketers to know.

NOTE: This is not necessarily the best time to post. Generally, it is recommended to post between 7pm and 9pm. The best way to find an ideal posting time is to look at your Facebook Insights. Once you are in your Facebook Insights, select “Posts”. There, you should find a graph which shows when your fans are online (both days of the week, and times of day).


Noteworthy Article: How to attract young meeting planners

Millennials are rarely the target demographic for a DMO. This generation is often categorized as a group of mobile-obsessed singles with no cash. However, millennials are now full functioning adults with jobs…as meeting planners! By ignoring millennials, your DMO could be missing out on major opportunities to attract large meetings, conventions, and events. This article explains four interesting tactics that real DMOs are taking to attract young meetings planners. These tactics include immersive landing pages, UGC campaigns, VR tours of spaces, and (believe it or not) cookies. Take a look at the article, and find ways to engage this generation of professionals!

Behind the Scenes at TwoSix: Wyoming and Elizabeth City

Founder of TwoSix Digital, Dave Serino, spoke at the Wyoming Governor’s Hospitality and Tourism Conference. His session focussed on leveraging analytics in order to have a successful digital campaign.

Senior Director of Strategy & Education, Brian Matson, will be spoke with Elizabeth City Area CVB’s stakeholders on valuable strategies to help organize your day-to-day social media activities including content planning, content development, content distribution and online promotion.

Interested in bringing TwoSix Digital to your event? Learn more about our Educational Programs.

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