Trending at TwoSix: Quick Blog Tips

How can you step up your content strategy? Check out these quick blog tips to inspire your next moves! Let’s get started.

Tip of the Week: Find opportunities to sprinkle calls to action throughout your blog.

Get serious about encouraging your readers to take the next step. Use your blogs as a platform to accomplish multiple items within your marketing plan. What are some of your goals outside of web traffic? Perhaps they include email list growth, more Facebook Likes, hashtag usage, or visitor guide requests. Don’t wait until the last outro paragraph of your blog to encourage your readers to take action on your goals.

Here are some ways you can sprinkle CTA’s throughout your blog:

  • Write blogs using the best photos under your hashtag. In the beginning of the blog, tell readers to use your hashtag to be included in your next blog
  • Coyly provide a link your visitors guide when mentioning planning a trip to your destination
  • Include one of your sale’s reps emails when featuring a venue that hosts meetings
  • See our example below of ways to not-so-discreetly promote your newsletter

Still scratching your head over this concept? Consider signing up for some coaching and consulting sessions with our team. We’d be happy to help! (See what we did there? ?)

Fact of the Week: Blogs with an average of 2,100 words get the most attention.

We get it. Blogs with 2,100 words sound like a major task. Additionally, some blog ideas aren’t worthy of that many words. Some topics or blog styles require brevity.

Don’t panic. Instead, consider writing one longer blog each month. Strike a balance with shorter, photo-heavy blogs with longer thought pieces. Plan ahead for the right content that is worth spending a lot of time crafting, and make it happen.

To give you an idea of what 2,100 words looks like:

  • This blog you are reading right now has 528 words
  • Our blog about video strategies for the tourism industry is 1,610 words
  • This blog by Sprout Social about Instagram Best Practices is 2,151 words

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Learn more about the research behind 2,100 words by reading the article above. Furthermore, you can find out about the proper character count for blog titles, Facebook posts, Tweets, Instagram posts, and YouTube descriptions.

TwoSix Pic of the Week: Visit Laguna Beach

Nothing sweeter than a Laguna Beach sunset. ?:@radderrand #MyLagunaBeach

A post shared by Visit Laguna Beach (@visitlaguna) on

This gorgeous photo was taken in Laguna Beach and featured on Visit Laguna Beach’s Instagram account. How can you capture the natural beauty of your destination in your next post?

TwoSix on Tour: Visit Oakland Partner Training Workshop

TwoSix Digital’s Founder and Chief Strategist, Dave Serino, was a featured speaker at Visit Oakland’s Partner Training Workshop for National Travel & Tourism Week!

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