Trending at TwoSix: Airbnb and Niche Marketing

Define your niches, and speak to them consistently. Show potential visitors you offer an array of experiences within your destination. Learn how and why you should discuss multiple topics on your digital presence to successfully convert travelers from inspiration to overnight! Let’s get started.

Tip of the Week: Don’t let one niche dominate your content.

It’s really easy to get caught in a rut with your niches. Whether your destination is known for beer, outdoor adventure, events, or history – sometimes we have a tendency to overdue it on a certain topic.

Just remember nearly every traveler is looking for an array of activities, and not every potential traveler is interested in only one of your niches. Who says you can’t go hiking, and then go to the theatre? If your destination has multiple experiences to offer, then make sure you showcase them as a package!

Try defining three major niches in your destination, and talk about each of them weekly. Be sure to evenly distribute blog and video content across these niches, and you will paint a vibrant picture of your destination to potential visitors!

Fact of the Week: Airbnb Experience categories.


Airbnb now offers “Experiences” – a new way for visitors to dive into an interest via tours, events, etc.

As you can see, the interests are quite varied. To no one’s surprise – Food and Drink is the most popular!

Noteworthy Article: Airbnb Touts Growth of Trips for Foodies, Millennials and Solo Travelers

Check out this article to find out how Airbnb is growing in popularity, and the type of data they are collecting on visitors!

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Noteworthy Research: Is It Airbnb or Hotels for Millennials?

There are some interesting insights in this blog about Airbnb vs. Hotels for millennials.

“37 percent of millennials declared their allegiance with Airbnb, answering it is “a cheaper, preferred option.” Another 27 percent said “Airbnb feels sketchy and not as accommodating.”

Meanwhile, 35 percent of the respondents agreed that “the benefits of a hotel are worth the added cost.”

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