Trending at TwoSix: Craft Beer and Tourism Marketing

It’s hard not to notice the craft beer boom that’s taken place in the past decade. This blog will provide facts and inspiration to make sure your DMO takes this trend seriously. Let’s get started.

Tip of the Week: Create a robust landing page about craft beer in your destination.

As destination marketers, it is our job to promote craft beer offerings to visitors. Take a look at the craft beer page on your website. Is it the best it can be? Don’t have a craft beer landing page? It’s time to make one!

Check out some of these examples for inspiration:
Experience Grand Rapids
What works: Grand Rapids, Michigan (A.K.A Beer City USA) starts their page with an engaging photo, followed by their mention in USA Today for having the Best Beer Scene. Next, Grand Rapids has populated their pages with content relating to beer within their destination. You will also find videos, user generated content, a listing of beers, and beer + hotel packages available!

Travel Oregon
What works: The engaging photo welcomes you into the craft beer experience of Oregon. Next are itineraries and stories about craft beer in Oregon. The listing of all breweries within Oregon is easy to navigate (and doesn’t take up too much of the page). Last, you can “Ask Oregon” questions relating to craft beer!

Experience Columbus
What works: This page promotes Experience Columbus’ Ale Trail, followed by a map, and a YouTube video. This page also includes blogs relating to the craft beer scene. Experience Columbus also took the liberty to include their email sign up form at the end of the page! Remember to use these (and all) pages on your website to accomplish larger goals within your organization.

So what are you waiting for? Either make or improve your craft beer page!

Fact of the Week: 3/4 people would like to go on a trip where they visited craft breweries and sampled local beer.

Here is your motivation to improve (or make) a craft beer landing page.

Drinking craft beer on vacation helps visitors get a taste of your destination, and the things that make it unique.

Consider ways in which you can promote local craft beer outside of the brewery experience. Where can a visitor find a restaurant with an extensive tap selection of local beers? Where can they buy a six-pack of local beer to take to the hotel? Answer these questions on your landing page.

Nothing is worse than drinking Miller Lite on vacation. Help travelers make the right decision!

Noteworthy Article: Tourism on tap: Beer-related travel

This is a fascinating article about beer tourism in the United States.

What we found most interesting according to this article:

  • There are more beer drinkers in this country than any other type of drinker.
  • Craft beer tourism is very accessible. Unlike wine-drinkers, beer enthusiasts don’t need to see where the hops and barely are grown to have an authentic experience.
  • In 1978 there were 100 brewing locations in the US; in 2007 there were 1,450; today there are more than 5,300.
  • More than 10 million people toured craft breweries in 2014, and more than half the visitors who toured breweries were from outside the destination.

TwoSix Pic of the Week:

Breathtaking Bay City Photo Credit to one of our Go Great natives, Wendy!

A post shared by Go Great Lakes Bay (@gogreatlakesbay) on

This stunning photo was taken in Bay City and shared by Go Great Lakes Bay. Check out Lumbar Barons Brewery and Tri City Brewing if you are ever in the area!

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