5 Things You Need to Know About Facebook Link Posts

Updated: August 12, 2021

At TwoSix Digital, we continually discuss the importance of utilizing Facebook Link Posts in your social media strategy. These link posts have the ability to be easily customized and manipulated. First, you must first learn which information that Facebook will pull from your link by using the Facebook Sharing Debugger tool. If the information is incorrect or not to your liking, log back into your website to enter the correct information! Then, follow these 5 things that you need to know about Facebook Link Posts.

1.) The Effectiveness of Facebook Link Posts

One of the easiest ways to expand your reach and spread information regarding your organization is to share website links on Facebook. Your primary focus while using social media platforms should be to drive traffic back to your website as an organization. Give your followers what they’re looking for by continually posting content on this platform using Facebook Link Posts!

In a primarily visual world, it’s common knowledge that posts that contain imagery perform better versus posts that only contain text. However, to reach the goal of driving traffic to your website – posting a link is your best bet. Although posts with photos may perform better engagement-wise, your posts containing links back to your website will ultimately drive more traffic to your site.

2.) What’s Most Important in Facebook Link Posts

When starting out with Facebook Link Posts, it’s imperative to learn the most important aspects of this feature. In order of importance;


  • A good, eye-catching image will grab users’ attention and more likely get them to click on your link. This is one of, if not the most important aspect when using link posts.

Link Headline

  • Once you get users’ attention with your photo, draw them closer with an attention-grabbing headline. Make users think “I want to learn more!”

Post Caption

  • Don’t overcomplicate this aspect! Your image and headline should speak loud enough that your post caption should be short and sweet!

Link Description 

  • Ideally, your image and snappy headline will draw users to click your link already, but it doesn’t hurt to go one step further and give them a little sneak peek about what they will find upon clicking.

Website Display Link 

  • Make sure your link is correct.

3.) You Need a Good Image

One of the worst things an organization can do is post a Facebook Link Post without a photo. The majority of users will scroll right past a link post without a thumbnail. Consequently, the most significant aspect of link-style posts is the picture – it’s even more important than your caption.

The photo you choose should be relevant to the topic of the link to get the best results. Use the photo to catch users’ attention and draw their gaze to your headline.

4.) Headlines Are What Make People Click

Link headlines are located right under the link post’s photo. It’s big and bold and is where users will look once the image grabs their attention. The reason for a headline is to encourage users to do one simple thing – click. Headlines are what make or break the results of a link post.

People click links because their curiosity is piqued. This should be your goal when crafting link headlines. Avoid broad, general copy and stick to interesting and specific wording.

5.) Don’t Prioritize Post Captions and Link Descriptions

Captions are not the primary way users are drawn in – however, they add an extra layer of content to your link preview. Although it can tip the scales, it won’t ultimately grab a user’s attention. In a world where the average mobile user spends 1.7 seconds on each Facebook post, most users will not take the time to read the caption after reading the headline thoroughly.

Only the first three lines appear in a post before “See More” cuts off the rest. A best practice is to keep your social posts short and sweet. Try adding in an emoji to convey the main theme of the landing page.

Wondering how to change your link preview? The short answer is that it can only be done by editing the landing page on your website. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions on social media marketing or any other topic, and subscribe to our newsletter to get more helpful tips!