Airfares Drop and Top Destinations on Earth Named

Airfares Drop and Top Destinations on Earth Named

airplaneA more affordable time to fly

If you’re looking to buy plane tickets it may be the perfect time to do so and see the world. The Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index shows July airfares have fallen 5.6% year-over-year. That’s the biggest one month decline since 1995!

It isn’t entirely clear what has led to the price drop, but fuel costs and the growth of less expensive carriers may have something to do with it, so go out and travel!

Lonely Planet names Top 25 Destinations in the World

How do you pick the world’s top destinations when there are so many to choose from? Lonely Planet looked at thousands of highlights from four decades of travel guides and data while speaking with travel experts from around the world to narrow down the locations.

Topping the list was the 9th century Temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Some of the others include the Colosseum in Rome and Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.

While we did mention the Top 25 destinations were listed we were only telling a partial truth. Lonely Planet actually compiled the top 500 destinations and only released the Top 25 to whet our appetites. You can read the full list when it is published October 6th, but can see that Top 25 list by visiting this link.


Cuba and Airline Fuel Prices

Cuba, Cuba and more Cuba

In case you haven’t noticed, Cuba has been in the news a lot lately thank to the beginning of normalization of relations between the island nation and the United States. This has led to an increase in interest in travel to Cuba. Because of this renewed intrigue, Airbnb recently announced more than one thousand homes would be part of its rental program. Airbnb says the average nightly rental rate will run you about $42. While most of the rooms available are in and around Havana, some others are also available.

However, some analysts note that the 1950’s “stuck in time” appeal many people associate with Cuba could be lost with the normalization of ties and commercialization with the U.S. While it appears that the change is inevitable, the window of opportunity to explore Cuba as it has (largely) been for several decades is open right now, especially because several real estate agents and cruise lines have already been scoping out the island looking for opportunity.

Cheaper travel thanks to fuel prices?

For the past several years, airlines have cited higher fuel prices for higher airfares. However, things may be changing thanks to cheaper oil. Delta Airlines President Ed Bastian says the relaxed prices his airline and a number of other are beginning to enjoy will inevitably trickle down to consumers.

However, Bastian notes that before prices start to fall in step with oil those $50-$60 per barrel oil prices would need to be the norm for some time.