Snapchat Overtakes, Pinterest Saves and Iconosquare Changes

Snapchat Daily Users Surpass Twitter

Snapchat If you’re still thinking Snapchat is just a fad you may need to think again. The social network has more than 150 million daily active users – larger than the 136 million Twitter reportedly has. Since its creation in 2011 the Snapchat’s user growth has exploded with it being of particular interest to younger people.

One of the reasons cited for its popularity is the way Snapchat makes communication via short messages and texts more fun by allowing people to send annotated selfies and fun and silly edited photos and videos. Read more

Instagram Analytics and New Twitter Changes

Instagram Analytics Coming to Business Pages

Instagram AnalyticsNews recently came out about new Instagram brand pages that businesses would soon be able to use to better market themselves and their brands. Now, it appears the Facebook-owned platform will take a page from its  parent company and provide business pages with useful Instagram analytics.

Some of the useful information reportedly being provided includes:

  • Follower demographics including location and gender and age
  • Most active time during the day of followers
  • Post and engagement data

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Instagram Logo Redesign and Twitter Video Views

Instagram logo redesign

Instagram LogoIf there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years it’s that people go a bit crazy when a social network changes something – anything – about the way something looks or how it functions. That certainly proved to be the case when a new Instagram logo was unveiled along with a slightly redesigned look to the platform. Instagram’s sister apps (Boomerang, Layout and Hyperlapse) received similar redesigns to their logos.

Essentially, the logo changed from the vintage camera to a newer more colorful gradient design with the look inside the platform being black and white and “puts more focus on photos and videos without changing how you navigate the app”. Read more

Instagram Brand Pages

First look at Instagram brand pages

Companies and brands may soon have the ability to update their profiles to create Instagram brand pages similar to those already on Facebook. These new brand pages appear to only be available and visible to select users right now but offer some interesting new features that could be of great use to businesses and marketers.

Right now, Instagram’s algorithm has no way of determining a brand page versus a personal page. When a business or brand creates one of these pages they will have the option to categorize their page to let users know what kind of business they are.

Looking at the image to the right you’ll also see a “Contact” button prominently featured. Once this is clicked the option to get directions or email the business pops up. Interestingly, Instagram is giving users the options to email the business instead of using the native messaging feature (at least at this stage of development). There also seems to be a sort of cover photo that will appear above a page’s collection of pictures. Read more