Vertical Video Trends, Best Practices, and How To Get Started with TikTok, Reels, and YouTube Shorts

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TwoSix Digital & MI Playground Talk Vertical Video Trends

Last week, Dave Serino and Brian Matson had an opportunity to sit down with Nick and Andy Behling, content creators for MI Playground, to talk about vertical video trends and its role on Tiktok, Reels, and YouTube Shorts.

The discussion begins with vertical video and how it has become so popular so quickly. Then, we chatted about how you may use these video assets to build a stronger brand presence in your digital marketing campaigns. Nick and Andy also provided some interesting best practices when it comes to needing a strong personality to drive the account and how creators need to lean into their strengths, whether being on camera or using voiceovers to tell better stories.

Conversation Highlights

Here are a few of the most valuable insights from our conversation:

– Be sure to use captions on your videos when appropriate. Captions enhance discoverability.
– Each vertical video platform is different, and content should be customized for each one. There is no “one size fits all.” Adjusting captions from network to network can help simplify the process.
– Consider having a “schtick”or a brand differentiator on each of your videos to make yourself stand out and build a distinct brand.
– Develop different types of video content from some of your past blog posts. Read through them, spark some ideas and create a video from the post content.
– Utilize narration tools and voiceovers if you are not a face-on-camera person.
– If you are promoting a destination, don’t just create one piece of content for a single experience. Give the audience a different perspective of that experience in different seasons, multiple times of day, etc. You can never lean on your core destination offerings too much.
– Always remember that people travel for experiences. Develop video content to showcase how an insider, local, or first-time visitor can enjoy a particular experience.
– Engage with comments and the community consistently. Replying to specific questions can foster more engagement within the channel.
– Search functionality on platforms like TikTok is essential, as well as the keywords used, to drive videos into a specific person’s “For You Page”. Remember to use words mentioned in the context of the video to help drive search traffic. Your spoken words are also SEO elements!

Watch for All the Insights & Trends

Lastly, if you are part of a destination marketing organization, we had an interesting discussion relating to how your marketing and communication team may be transitioning into a more “media creation” structure soon. Be sure to give the full conversation a listen today! Don’t forget to leave your comments. We’d love to continue the conversation in the future.

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Makenna Schmitz

Digital & Social Media Director