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The field of digital marketing is constantly changing and, at times, it’s hard to keep up! Platforms are updating, audiences are changing, and strategies are being revised in the industry all of the time. We’re here to keep you in the loop on what’s trending and what we think will be important to keep in mind in the coming months. Here’s what’s On Our Radar for December 2019.

Product Launches on Instagram

In addition to running live beta tests on augmented reality (which we will always be excited about, for the record), Instagram is also running live testing on product launch reminders through the Instagram Shopping feature. This is another feature that has enormous potential for commerce businesses that are selling physical goods through the Instagram shopping platform. It allows businesses using the shopping platform to learn about and preview products that aren’t even officially for sale yet. You can add a sticker to your Story that lets people know exactly when the launch will be, which also gives them an option to set a reminder of the launch if they want to. When the product goes live– which you can set in advance down to the hour– these users will see a push notification that takes them right back to the product on Instagram to purchase.

Miranda BonoDigital Advertising Strategist

Tik Tok…Will it be relevant for marketers?

Tik Tok, although it came out a while ago, has grabbed my attention in terms of what is going to be coming up for digital marketers. The app has the potential to reach a very specific audience which, for some brands, makes it an optimal place to be. I’ve played around on the app, and it’s mainly filled with Gen Z teens with Millenials scattered throughout. The content ranges from dancing videos, unboxing products to even people using it as a vlogging platform. I have found that there are also a lot of videos that feature users giving honest reviews of products that they’ve used, both good and bad, and recommending them to viewers. The algorithm is incredibly hyper-targeted, which I think could allow brands to be in even more control of who sees their content if done properly. Will it be relevant? I’m not sure, but I think it will definitely be something I’m paying attention to in the coming months.

Megan SchroderDirector of Special Projects

Facebook’s New Rule

Your Facebook statuses are probably being cut off! Only 3 lines of text in captions will be shown to users on Facebook on mobile. If they want to read the whole thing, they’ll have to click to “See More”. This means your CTAs could easily be getting buried. Move them to the 1st 3 lines of your posts!

Nick DanowskiLead Content Strategist
Facebook 3 Line Rule

Marketing on LinkedIn

It really surprises me that so many professionals in the group or convention sales end of tourism are not using LinkedIn to its fullest protentional.  I would recommend carving out at least thirty minutes a day to build new connections, share content that creates a differential in your destination or hotel /resort and engage with subject matter or news that is directly related to your primary market segment!

Dave SerinoFounder & Chief Strategist

Slow Website Load Times

This site speed article is pretty interesting as it appears that now even our browsers are going to be telling us when sites are slow. I’d assume this will further increase the likelihood of bounces as a result of slow site speeds. We’ve been talking about the importance of site speed for years. Everyone needs to test their site and optimize it. Now with poor performance being so transparent, it’s even more of a reason to do so and FAST.

Brian MatsonSenior Director of Strategy and Education